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ASCEND Fabrication LLC is a custom fabricator of high quality, specialty aluminum products and fixed ladders. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. at our manufacturing facility located in Garfield, AR. Ascend structural aluminum products satisfy or exceed the most stringent code requirements for general commercial, municipal and industrial applications including OSHA 1910.27 and ANSI A14.3. Ascend aluminum products are available for shipment worldwide!

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ASCEND Fabrication LLC is a custom fabricator of high quality aluminum fixed ladders. Our ladder products represent “a higher standard” in fixed access ladders utilized in commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Commonly used for building roof and structure access, Ascend Fab ladders are recognized as the heaviest aluminum ladder design available. Constructed entirely of certified structural aluminum shapes with stainless steel hardware, Ascend Fab ladder construction is highly superior compared to competitor products that offer painted and galvanized carbon steel ladders. Aluminum construction requires no maintenance and no future painting.  Utilizing a 1.5” diameter corrugated rung with aluminum structural channel stringers, the Ascend Fab design utilizes the best design parameters and fabrication standards available in the industry. In the field, Ascend fixed ladders are preferred as a “product of choice” for their ease of installation in handling and attachment.

Ascend Fab caged ladders satisfy or exceed the most stringent code requirements for general commercial and industry applications including OSHA 1910.27 and ANSI A14.3. Common ladder applications include:

  • Commercial Contractors – Building roof access
  • Government – Military Bases – Building roof and structure access
  • Municipal Applications – Storage tank and building access
  • DOT – Elevated road sign applications
  • Industrial – Structure, tower and platform access

At Ascend Fabrication, we subscribe to “a higher standard” in design, materials of construction, and fabrication standards. We command the best in fixed caged ladders at pricing competitive with any other ladder product. 

“We use Ascend Fab aluminum fixed ladders for municipal water tank applications when aluminum construction is specified. Excellent products, people and pricing!”
… Vince Horton President Tank Connection

The BENEFITS of Ascend fixed caged ladders:

ASCEND Fab™ Aluminum Ladders represent the highest quality aluminum fixed caged ladders available. Designed for attachment to structures and buildings, ASCEND ladders satisfy or exceed the most stringent code requirements for general commercial and industry applications including OSHA 1910.27 and ANSI A14.3.

  • Conservative, heavy duty design parameters provide the highest quality aluminum construction available for caged ladders.
  • All aluminum construction is virtually maintenance free.
  • Easy to install in the field versus other ladder products.
  • Never requires painting like carbon steel ladder designs.
  • Unmatched quality of Ascend’s proprietary ladder rung design at 1.5” diameter.
  • Provides easy roof hatch access with cage enclosures and safety platforms at rest intervals.
  • Special engineering and customization of landing platforms are available.
  • Special engineering, stamped calculations and PE stamps can be provided for any U.S. location at additional cost.
  • Comes with standard mill finish.  Anodized or powder coated finishes are also available. 
  • Highest quality component construction utilized.
  • Safety lock-out cage, security door and safety climb devices are available.
  • Can be shipped to the jobsite broke-down, crated and wrapped, or assembled in larger sections.
  • Standard Ascend ladder assemblies are stocked and available for prompt shipment.

“We at Hurtt Fabricating were very satisfied with the overall outcome of the ladder build for the IDOT (State of Illinois Dept. of Transportation) structures. Ascend Fabrication was very helpful with this project from the start to the finish and if we have to go this route again, Ascend Fab will be receiving a call from us”.
… Bill Allison Purchasing Manager Hurtt Fabricating Corp

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