Ascend Fabrication Aluminum Ladders

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Discover Superior Quality with ASCEND Fabrication Aluminum Ladders

ASCEND Fabrication Aluminum Ladders set the standard for excellence in fixed caged ladders, offering unmatched quality and safety for accessing roof hatches and other elevated structures. Engineered to meet or exceed stringent code requirements such as OSHA 1910.27 and ANSI A14.3, ASCEND ladders are ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Benefits of ASCEND Fab:

ASCEND Fab prioritizes superior, high-quality aluminum construction, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding environments.

  • Conservative, Heavy Duty Design: Our ladders feature robust aluminum construction that is both durable and reliable.
  • Maintenance-Free: All-aluminum construction requires minimal upkeep and eliminates the need for painting, saving time and costs compared to other ladder materials.
  • Proprietary Rung Design: ASCEND Fab ladders boast a proprietary 1.5” diameter rung design, providing stability and safety during use.
  • Customization Options: Tailor your ladder with special engineering and customization of landing platforms, ensuring they meet your specific project requirements.
  • Compliance Assurance: ASCEND Fab offers stamped calculations and PE stamps for U.S. locations, guaranteeing compliance with engineering standards.
  • Finish Options: Choose from standard mill finish, anodized, or powder-coated finishes to match aesthetic preferences and environmental demands.
  • Safety Features: Enhance safety with optional features like safety lock-out cages, security doors, and safety climb devices, providing peace of mind for users.
  • Convenient Shipping Options: Ladders can be shipped to your jobsite in broken-down, crated, wrapped, or assembled larger sections, ensuring prompt delivery and ease of installation.

ASCEND Fabrication Aluminum Ladders are ready for prompt shipment. Ensuring you have access to high-quality solutions when you need them most.

Explore aluminum ladders today and experience the pinnacle of quality and reliability in access solutions.

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