Specialty Aluminum Products

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Ascend Fab manufactures premier aluminum products, including aluminum fixed caged ladders.  We also manufacture aluminum uncaged ladders, platforms, walkways, and aluminum handrails.  In addition to standard aluminum products, we  fabricate specialty aluminum products.  Customers inquire about specialty aluminum products occasionally and Ascend Fab can provide.

Specialty Aluminum Products

Recently, we had a customer approach us with a problem that needed a solution.  City of Tampa Florida requested a smaller ladder that would be placed down sewer manhole.  The aluminum ladder needed to be 12” wide and another for 14” wide.  Neither of these sizes are standard sizes in the industry.  Ascend Fab fabricated the small ladders and aluminum grab bars.  These items will be located adjacent to sewer manholes in their facility.   This assists our customer in and out of the tight spaces.  We fabricated these within a 2-3 week time period and shipped to site for customer use immediately.

Another problem that Ascend Fab was able to quickly fabricate a solution for, continuing to assist our customer’s on their projects.

aluminum fixed ladders

ascend fab specialty aluminum products

ascend fab-aluminum fixed ladders


If you have a municipal, commercial or industrial project and needing an aluminum product, Contact Us today!\


All photos provided by Vinson Images.  Known for their wedding and documentary photography, they also provide product photography for local companies, like Ascend Fab.

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