What makes the difference in “Heavy Duty Fixed Aluminum Caged Ladders”?

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Ascend Fab aluminum caged ladders represent the most stringent, heavy duty ladder design available in the marketplace today for commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

What’s the Difference in Ascend Fab fixed caged ladders?

In comparison with competitor products, the Ascend ladder design is 50% more robust in design, which translates into a higher quality ladder product. Our channel stringer design utilizes a 3” channel x 1.50” x .130, structural 6061-T6 material. This makes the Ascend caged ladders, the heaviest stringer design available in the marketplace today. Additionally, the Ascend design utilizes the perfect hand grip rung size at 1.5” diameter. By utilizing a proprietary extrusion design, our ladder rungs are larger in size, thicker in design and fulfill OSHA requirements with their non-slip extruded features. In comparison, competitor products use light extruded channel shapes and small lightweight rung sizes. At Ascend Fab, we simply offer the best fixed caged ladder design available!  Also, we manufacture all products in Garfield Arkansas.

“We use Ascend Fab fixed aluminum ladders for municipal water tank applications when aluminum construction is specified. Excellent products, people and pricing!”

….Vince Horton President Tank Connection

Tank Connection is the global leader in dry bulk & liquid storage systems.  They provide a complete package to fulfill their client’s needs.  This includes aluminum fixed caged ladders, aluminum stairs and aluminum handrails from Ascend Fabrication. 

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