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Ascend Fabrication provides premier aluminum fixed ladders and delivers to your jobsite.  Are you needing an aluminum ladder for your commercial business, home project or jobsite?  We design, manufacture and ship to you directly.

Why Choose Aluminum Fixed Ladders?

Heavy Duty design providing highest quality aluminum construction. Not only are they conservative & high quality design, aluminum  ladders are all aluminum construction. All aluminum construction is virtually maintenance free. This allows easy installation versus other ladder products.  In addition, it never require painting as you’d see with steel ladders.

Special engineering and Ascend’s proprietary run design is 1.5″ diameter and is an unmatched quality. In addition, we have an unmatched design but we provide stamped calculations and PE stamps upon request.  Engineering a high quality product means Ascend Fab design meets and exceeds code analysis.

Standard Ladders Available

Although Ascend Fab provides custom fabrication, standard fixed ladders are available for purchase. There are several ways to place an order:

  1. For customers in the US, you can place an order via our online Shopping Cart.
  2. Email your own purchase order directly to us: [email protected]
  3. Visit our Contact Us page to speak with our Sales Department.


More on aluminum fixed ladders?  Specify using premier products.

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