Specifying Fixed Caged Ladder

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Searching for the best fixed caged ladder for building and structure access?

Here is what you need to know about choosing the right fixed caged ladder:

One of the most common questions when looking for a fixed caged ladder is what is the best type of ladder. All fixed ladders are required to meet the standards set by OSHA and ANSI. Needless to say, the ladder should also meet the unique requirements of the application.  Is your application wastewater, potable water, located on a building, etc.

Almost all the fixed caged ladders available in the market today are made of either coated carbon steel or aluminum. Stainless steel and FRP also available but these are mostly preferred in food applications.

A Few Words about the History of Fixed Caged Ladder

When fixed caged letters first appeared in the market, they were mostly made from coated carbon steel. These ladders were typically given a hot dipped galvanized (HDG) coating at 2.5 mm DFT. This coating extended the life span of these ladders making them fit for a variety of industrial applications, Although these were not as aesthetically pleasing.

One reason for the popularity of coated carbon steel ladders is that they are the cheapest ladders available today. However, it has lost its place as the best available option in the market for several reasons.

The ladders made from carbon steel with liquid or powder coatings have a lot of issues. If there is a sharp edge on a painted ladder, it begins to rust in just a few months after installation. Repainting is a solution but the bigger problem is that repainting is not cheap. In many cases, repainting a ladder turns out to be much more expensive.  Especially in comparison to the original purchase price of the ladder. Due to this reason, buyers prefer aluminum fixed and caged ladders.

What is the Best Choice of Ladder

The demand for aluminum ladders has gone up substantially over the last decade.  It is now the preferred choice of buyers who are looking for fixed caged ladders. When it comes to specifications in the municipal sector, almost 90% of the contracts specify ladders made of aluminum.

Aluminum ladders have also become the top choice of buyers for building roof as well as structure access applications due to a variety of benefits. The biggest benefit of aluminum ladders is that these do not corrode and do not require painting ever. These also looks great, especially compared to the coated carbon steel ladders.

When it comes to industrial applications, there is demand for both HDG carbon steel ladders as well as aluminum ladders. Some of the other factors buyers typically consider when setting specifications for leather construction include ease of installation in the field and cost of installation.

Installation crews prefer aluminum, as it is lighter in weight. Lower weight makes it safer and easier to handle during installation which also saves money on installation costs.

As far as the overall cost of an aluminum ladder is concerned, it is comparable to the cost of coated carbon steel when you take the installation and maintenance costs into account.

What Can You Buy?

You can buy fixed caged ladders made of carbon steel as well as aluminum. Both these types of ladders are easily available online.

However, there are some important things you should know about the ladders available for sale today. You will find some of these ladders selling under American brand names. However, American brand name does not necessarily mean higher quality as a few of these brands tend to sell some of the poorest quality ladders available today. Also, there is no guarantee that these ladders meet the recognized code standards.

Upon comparing the initial cost, you will find that high quality fixed aluminum ladders typically cost a bit more as compared to the ladders made of coated carbon steel. However, when you take into account the cost of preventive maintenance and installation for coated carbon steel ladders, there isn’t much difference.

With all the facts, you will find that aluminum ladders are highly superior as compared to the ladders made of coated carbon steel.  Contact Us today for your ladder project.

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