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Is your company wanting to ascend to new heights (no pun intended) and need an aluminum ladder?  The sky is the limit, literally.  A recent project is the perfect example of our ability to provide high quality, aluminum ladders at Ascend Fab.


Service Tech Corp

Project Location:

Carillon Monument & Nature Preserve
Carillon Park, St. Petersburg, FL


Project Details:

Carillon Park Nature Preserve is a beautiful space located in the middle of hotels and businesses in St. Petersburg, Florida.  As you walk through this .75 mile loop, you may find alligators, birds and turtles before coming upon the monument.  Directly in the middle, you will find the monument bell towers towering well over 150′ tall.  Ascend Fabrication was requested to fabricate a ladder sufficient in size and quality for the towers. When you want to ascend to new heights like this, you’ll want the highest quality and safest option in the market. This is exactly what Ascend Fabrication provides. Our ladders meet or exceed the most stringent code requirements for commercial, municipal or industrial applications. This 150′ plus aluminum ladder was no different.  See the high quality for yourself:

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