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At Ascend Fabrication, we provide premier, high quality aluminum fixed caged ladders.  However, we also provide aluminum fabrication customized per our customer’s requests.  Last year, we designed & manufactured a custom aluminum awning.  If you have been following our work, you’ll find we utilize similar parts as we do for our Aluminum Platforms.  For example, on our aluminum radial platforms, we manufacture using aluminum bar-grating.  This represents the highest quality design in platforms in the market.  Ascend Fab incorporated that into our new awning.  Similar to an aluminum platform, it is designed to attach to a structure or building and designed to be free-standing.  In addition, the awning is all aluminum construction and is virtually maintenance free.

Not only do we provide custom work for ourselves, but also for inquiring customers.  Recently, our neighbor, Big Oaks Self-Storage requested some custom aluminum fabrication done for their new office space.  They wanted their desks and conference table to be a combination of modern and industrial look, but also convenient to move.  We fabricated mobile aluminum conference table legs and standard legs for desk.  Not only did we provide a unique, modern look for our customer, but Big Oaks Self-Storage now easy to move items as requested.

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aluminum fabrication

What custom aluminum fabrication work do you have for us?  Contact your local aluminum fab shop for more information!

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Lastly, thank you to Vinson Images for providing product photography for our company.

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