Aluminum Platform – PROJECT COMPLETE

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Another aluminum platform project has been completed this month.  Last week, the project located in Jackson Township, PA, was under construction. Ascend Fab worked fabricated a large platform for Tank Connection.

Aluminum Radial Platform

Generally, a radial platform is required to access the product being stored within the tank.  On this project, Tank Connection needed an aluminum radial platform for a 43′ x 16′ stainless steel storage tank.  We provided an aluminum platform, as well as aluminum stairways and perimeter handrail.

Project Complete

aluminum radial platform around tank

Project Complete – Aluminum Platform Details & Why It Matters

Beyond, aluminum being a preferred material for most industrial projects, it is also superior to carbon steel. Aluminum bar-grating platforms and walkways with aluminum perimeter guardrails represent the highest quality designs available. Ascend Fab platforms are designed for attachment to structures, buildings, wall surfaces and free-standing designs.  In addition, our aluminum projects satisfy or exceed the most stringent code requirements. This applies to general commercial, municipal and industrial applications including OSHA 1910.27 and ANSI A14.3.

The Benefits of Superior, High Quality Aluminum Construction:

  • Conservative, heavy duty design parameters provide the highest quality aluminum construction available.
  • All aluminum construction is virtually maintenance free and easy to install versus other platform products.
  • Therefore, aluminum never requires painting
  • Modular component design
  • Stainless steel connection hardware
  • Ascend Fab provides special engineering, stamped calculations and PE stamps can be provided for any U.S. location.
  • Exceeds code analysis
  • Our products can be shipped to the job site broke-down, crated and wrapped or assembled in large sections.
  • Additionally, platforms and welded perimeter guardrail designs are custom built to order. 

Lastly, for more information about aluminum material in comparison to carbon steel, follow our Ascend Fab Blog

aluminum platform


platform and safety rail

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