Commercial Aluminum Caged Ladder

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Aluminum Caged Ladder – Commercial Project

Ascend Fab manufactures high quality, specialty aluminum products, including aluminum caged ladders.  Made in the US and shipped worldwide.  Recently, we worked with Woodys Electrical Props  located in North Hollywood, California.  Woody’s is a rental and custom fabrication of control panels and consoles.  You’ve likely seen his work in several movies over the years.  Due to the amount of sets and props Woody’s has in store, they needed an aluminum caged ladder for their commercial building.  An aluminum ladder was to be installed on the side of their building.  This would allow them to access items on their roof.  As requested, Ascend Fab manufactured a 19′ exterior caged aluminum ladder.

Ascend Fab’s Golden Rule

We, at Ascend Fab, follow golden rule customer service.  Ensuring our customers i taken care of from the first to final interaction.  For instance, we are communicating throughout your order process.  Next, through drawing detailing, and finally shipping.  When the order arrives on site, Ascend Fab ensures your order is accurate and in perfect condition.  Although, assembly requires minimal assistance, we are available to assist as needed.  Lastly, we follow up with our customers after the products have been assembled and installed to verify it meets or exceeds your expectations.

Don’t settle for inferior products and average customer service. Read the comments below from another satisfied Ascend Fab customer.

“I have installed the ladder I purchased from you, it bolted together beautifully.  It is very strong and looks great on the side of the building.  Please thank everyone for answering my questions I had during the assembly.  I’m very happy with the finished product.  Thanks again.”  – Tom Wood, Woody’s Electrical Props

Aluminum fixed ladder on commercial building

Experience the Golden Rule Customer Service for your company, when ordering with Ascend Fab.

For more information about Ascend Fab and our products, visit our website:  Or contact the aluminum experts today: [email protected]

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