Why Aluminum Fixed Caged Ladders are Superior to Carbon Steel Ladders

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Why Aluminum Fixed Caged Ladders are superior to Carbon Steel Ladders?

What is the difference between aluminum ladders and carbon steel ladders?  It is all about installed quality, aesthetics and future maintenance.  High quality aluminum fixed caged ladders never require maintenance, blasting or painting. Painted ladders are recoated every 5-7 years and will require blasting on some occasions.  Upon which point, the cost to repaint a carbon steel ladder can easily exceed the cost of the original ladder.

Carbon steel ladders with hot dipped galvanized (HDG) coatings will provide extended service life.  These are typically reviewed as undesirable aesthetics for commercial applications.  HDG ladders are more common in industrial applications where aesthetics is not an issue.  In commercial and municipal applications, aluminum ladder  construction has emerged as the superior and specified choice over other ladder products.  Aluminum ladder construction with stainless steel hardware can provide indefinite service life.  The light weight advantage of aluminum construction becomes the contractors choice for installation.  These ladders are easy to handle and easy to install.  In comparison to their carbon steel counterparts, this is the superior product.  With a cost difference of between 10-30% between aluminum and painted carbon steel ladder designs, aluminum caged ladders have become the preferred choice for commercial, municipal and industrial applications.


Aluminum fixed caged ladders provide superior service over painted carbon steel ladders:

  • Aluminum aesthetics and weather ability are superior to coated carbon steel.  Carbon steel typically starts to rust on edges within 1 year of field service.
  • Aluminum caged ladders meets and exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements.
  • Aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware never requires painting, blasting or repainting.
  • Provides extended service life over carbon steel ladder designs.
  • Preferred choice for field installation.  The lighter weight of aluminum component assemblies is easier for installation.
  • Easy to modify in the field without re-coating and/or touch-up paint requirements.
  • Design calculations and PE Stamps can be provided for high quality aluminum commercial ladders for any state in U.S.A.

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