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Best Fixed Aluminum Caged Ladder Design for Commercial Buildings

Ascend Fab provides the highest quality aluminum ladder in the industry.  We have provided details on the best fixed aluminum caged ladder design for commercial buildings.  The leading aluminum caged ladder in North America utilizes robust, heavy duty component assemblies.  A high quality caged ladder design for commercial building applications includes:

  • Aluminum material shapes: 6061-T6
  • Heavy duty aluminum channel stringers: C3 x 1.50” x .130”
  • Ladder rungs: 5” diameter extruded pipe rungs, non-slip per OSHA
  • Safety cage systems: Lower flared hoop, mid & upper hoops, 3” x .25” flat bar
  • Safety cage systems: Vertical bars, 1.5” x .1875” flat bar
  • Attachment ladder brackets: 4” x .375” flat bar
  • Rest platforms: Channel frame, C6 x 1.92” x .200”
  • Rest platforms: Walking surface, 2” plank grating, 5052-H32
  • Guardrail posts on rest platform: L3 x 3” x .25”
  • Guardrails on rest platform: 5” diameter schedule 40 pipe
  • Guardrail toe-board on rest platform: 4” x .25” flat bar
  • Ladder assembly hardware: 304 stainless steel

Ascend Fab has provided caged ladders for several customers for buildings, covered roadway access and municipal tanks.  For additional information about our company and its products, visit our website: Ascend Fab. 

Learn how to specify a high quality aluminum ladder.

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