What’s new with Aluminum Ladders?

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What’s new with Aluminum Ladders?

Do you find it difficult to keep up with new codes?  Let us help you with what’s new with aluminum ladders and their codes and regulations.  Trust Ascend Fab with your aluminum ladder needs!

OSHA Fall Protection Requirements

OSHA’s fall protection requirements revised in 2018 noted some important changes to fixed ladders. However, ladders come in a variety of sizes and materials.  At Ascend Fab, we provide the best design in the industry.  For your safety, prior to purchasing a ladder from any company, you want to ensure they are providing you a product that meets OSHA standards.  This document offers an overview of OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) codes.  To assist further, we have outlined a quick review of ladder changes to ensure you are up to date!  The list below directly affects all ladder customers as of November 19, 2018.

• Ladders that extend over 24’ are required to have a personal fall arrest system. Ladders with a personal fall arrest system may extend 150’ without a landing platform and cage.

• Cages are no longer considered compliant fall protection on newly installed ladders.

What’s to Come in Ladder Requirements? 

Although, more changes are likely to come in the future, we do know as of, November 19, 2036 cages will no longer be an acceptable form of fall protection.  For instance, all existing ladders must be compliant with the new regulations by this date.

For more information about OSHA regulations, follow OSHA.gov or link back to this document.  Aluminum ladders are perfect for meeting the new OSHA guidelines. Ascend Fab ladders are the premier product in the industry.  Not only are Ascend Fab ladders made entirely of aluminum and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.  Ascend Fab ladders are light weight for easy installation and require minimal maintenance. Visit our website for additional information!  Also, feel free to email us for your ladder requirements at [email protected]

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