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Aluminum Parapet Ladders fabricated by Ascend Fab.

Ascend Fabrication design utilizes the best design parameters and fabrication standards available in the industry. Commonly used for building roof and structure access. Ascend Fab ladders are recognized as the heaviest aluminum ladder design available. Not only does Ascend Fab provide standard ladders, we also design and manufacture custom ladders.  We have fabricated many different aluminum specialty products. Such as:  custom ladders, stairs, and radial platforms.  Our most recent project was an aluminum ladder for a parapet wall.

What are Parapet Aluminum Ladders?

A parapet is a part of a roof in which a building’s outer walls extend upwards past the edges.  In essence, a parapet wall makes a flat roof safer because it does not leave the roof’s edge exposed.  Crossing over a parapet wall can be cumbersome; thus, a more secure climbing apparatus is required. Guardrails and return ladders provide a safe means of egress. At Ascend Fabrication, we design and manufacture customer parapet aluminum ladders.

parapet ladder ascend fab

ascend fab parapet ladder

parapet aluminum ascend fab

At Ascend Fabrication, we subscribe to “a higher standard.”  We apply this to design, materials of construction, fabrication standards, and customer service. Ascend Fab ladders satisfy or exceed the most stringent code requirements for general commercial, municipal and industrial applications.

Need more information about custom aluminum ladders?  Let the experts at Ascend Fabrication help! Visit our website and/or send your questions or inquires to [email protected].

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