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An aluminum caged ladder is a the highest quality ladder in the field.  At Ascend Fab, we provide ladders that attach to structures and allow safe access.  A current project we are fabricating is an aluminum fixed caged ladder for a commercial building.  Our customer requested a ladder to access their roof and also, meets OSHA code requirement.  Ascend Fab was not only able to satisfy the customer’s request, but exceed code with the highest quality aluminum caged ladder.

Aluminum Ladder Considered the Highest Quality?

Not only is the aluminum ladder the most conservative, heavy duty design but it is also virtually maintenance free.  In addition, the aluminum ladder is easy to install and requires very little preparation.  Because aluminum is light weight, customers typically find that installing this type of ladder is very simple. The best part about an aluminum ladder is its durability.  The aluminum ladder is sufficient in all weather applications and never requires repainting. Coastal environments can be harsh on carbon steel and other metals; however, aluminum is the best material for this environment.

What Sets Ascend Fab Apart from Competitors Aluminum Ladders

We provide special engineering, stamped calcs and PE stamps for any US location.  Ascend Fab also provides additional engineering and customization of landing platforms if required. Not only do we meet code, but we exceed code with the heaviest stringer and rung design in the industry.  All items provided are designed, manufactured and shipped directly from our facility in Garfield, Arkansas.  Our quality products and customer service will not disappoint.  See what our customers are saying about Ascend Fab.

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