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Ascend Fab received a request for an expedited order.  The Veteran’s Administration Office in Little Rock, Arkansas was in need of an aluminum caged ladder for their building ASAP.  Ascend Fab was able to fabricate a 13′ aluminum caged ladder and provide within 3 days of receiving the order.

Standard Shipping vs Expedited Order

Standard shipping for Ascend Fab is 2-3 weeks after receipt of order.  In this time frame, Ascend Fab provides quick quote turnaround, approval drawings, engineering stamp if required.  Not to mention this time frame includes manufacturing of a premium product.  For an expedited order, we were able to shorten the time frame down significantly.  In addition, provide a ladder per their specifications, to our customer within days.  As a manufacturing shop only dedicated to fabricating aluminum products, we have the ability to expedite orders to meet the needs of our customers.  Not only are we able to expedite orders, but also we are centrally located for convenient, fast shipments to most locations.   Let Ascend Fab help with your next aluminum ladder or custom fabricated aluminum product.

Ascend Fabrication Aluminum Caged Ladders

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Parapet Ladder

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