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Aluminum walkways and stairs are a frequent purchase from customers from Ascend Fabrication.  As recently seen in October’s Business View Magazine, we also provide tools to innovative companies.  The Probst Group is the front runner in innovation in the wastewater department.  Their work varies from dairy products to food & beverage & other industries. View the most recent edition to see more about the steps they are making in the wastewater department. Also, view more photos of Ascend Fab products in the field from the same

Recent Project – Aluminum Walkways

A recent project on their job site, was an aluminum stairway and walkway.  Which were installed on a bolted tank.  Although, what we provide a small item on this project, it is a vital item in making the project complete.  Ascend Fab provides the high quality specialty aluminum stairs, aluminum walkways and platforms.  In addition, these products were fabricated to meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.  Not only do we ship worldwide, we are located in Northwest Arkansas.  This makes us centrally located for easy and cost efficient shipment to anywhere in the US.

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