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Why are we considered the best in customer service?

At Ascend Fab, we follow the Golden Rule customer service.  Therefore, we want to ensure has the best service from the time of quote to order receipt.  Ascend Fab understands that the high quality of our product is important.   As well as letting our customers know how important they are to us.  We not only meet expectations, we exceed expectations.

For example, we received a request for an emergency order.  A customer needed a 25′ aluminum ladder as quickly as possible for their project.  Not only were we able to meet their deadline, but we also exceeded their expectations.  This is the type of customer service you’ll receive from Ascend Fabrication.  However, don’t simply take our word for it, keep reading for customer’s testimony!

“Ascend Fabrication is a great company with excellent workmanship! My company, Hope Contractors of Shreveport, needed a 25′ aluminum roof access ladder on a project & we needed it FAST! Not only did they execute to perfection in the short fabrication duration, they went out of there way to go pick a trailer I purchased from a trailer company down the road, load the ladder on the trailer (packaging was excellent), and had the trailer ready to go after I made the long trip from Shreveport to pick it up & immediately drive back to make our project deadline! I will definitely be doing business with Ascend Fabrication again!” – Casey Hannigan

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