Why Ascend Fab for Aluminum Ladders?

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Why Ascend Fab for Aluminum Ladders?

At Ascend Fabrication, we offer friendly, fast, custom fabrication for specialty aluminum ladders.  Our ladder represents a “higher standard” in fixed ladders. Stemming to the commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

Ascend Fab ladders are recognized as the heaviest ladder design available.  Utilizing a 1.5” diameter proprietary ladder rung design and structural channel stringers. Also, Ascend utilizes the best design standards available. We manufacture aluminum fixed caged ladders (caged & uncaged), as well as, design and manufacture platforms, walkways, as well as handrails and guardrails.

Manufactured in the U.S., our aluminum ladders are carefully skidded and packaged to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. The size of our ladder sections can be customized. As this may be needed to assist you with projects that have height restrictions and/or restricted lay down area.

What makes our ladders different than our competitors? 
We are recognized for utilizing the heaviest aluminum ladder design available.  Our ladder rung design (1.5” diameter) and structural channel stringers is superior to our competitor.  We offer a heavier ladder design for a more competitive price.

Why expect anything but the best design?  Why expect anything but the best fabrication? And why expect anything besides the best customer service?  Find out why our customers keep coming back.  Contact us today for your fixed aluminum ladder.

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